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Blog Entry June 8, 2009

The poom of the week:


Blog Entry June 2, 2009

The POOM show at 5 Traverse is now history. It did quite well. We sold 131 individual works of art. This is a personal record, eclipsing the previous record of 22 by well over a hundred. I have to mention that we had items in the show for a dollar which may have affected the number of sales. Still, I like the sound of this:

"How did your show do?"

"Great! We sold 131 pieces!"

Check out the store. There are Poomagrams available.

This tale ends with a poom. May 15, 2009

We had a dog, a collie-ish thing who from a very early age, drooled a lot so we got to calling him Saliva. Saliva was a lovable dog. He had only one other anoying trait - he would regularly pick a fights with much larger dogs and proceed to get shredded immediately followed by a $300 trip to the vet. Next door there was a junkyard German Shepard named Tyrone. Tyrone had Saliva's number and would regularly put holes in Saliva's hide and our wallet. Saliva passed away a last year and until a week ago, we have been without a pet. I got to thinking about another dog. Tyrone is in his prime making the choice of breed serious. I came up with a plan to thwart future trips to the vet. We got a porcupine. She is a sweetheart. We named her Prixie. For short we call her Prix.

Blog Entry March 30, 2009

We are just about ready for the show that opens this Friday, April 3rd. We are going to install it tomorrow. I am thinking of getting a poom tattooed on my forehead for the opening. Or it might be to better to have a small one tattooed right on the end of my nose. For that one I would pick:


For the forehead location I like:


Blog Entry March 26, 2009

I have a show that opens on Friday, April 3, 2009 at the 5 Traverse Gallery, 5 Traverse Street, Providence, RI. The reception is 6pm to 8pm.

As I mentioned in my last post, a poom is a poem that is one syllable long. The meter is called monombic monometer. This exhibition has a total of eight iterations of the poom that include an eleven volume boxed set of accordion books, seven limited edition prints of poomagrams and poom embroidered baseball caps. There are micro-pooms (very small ones). There are even pooms that you can eat.

Today's poom is both empty and abrupt:


Blog Entry March 24, 2009

A poom is a poem that is one syllable long. A poom is of interest for three reasons: 1. The associations that it brings up. 2. What the poom sounds like. 3. What it looks like. With that in mind, I leave you with the poom of the week: